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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 23

My City

King thinks that they have a mole in NCIS, because they know about Paul’s transfer route.

They found body of David, inside the cargo near by him they found at place where store people.

Sebastian found that the people in container are Ecuador’s women, then they get news from NOPO. They found those women, they get in house and found them. One of woman tells them about a man.

They found him, he is Solomon the terrorist. He wants to revenge the country, after that they found one they suspect mole is killed. But they found that the mole alert Solomon.

His father tells King about head of NOPD, Messier’s mother. He found that she gets the cash to paid for her husband. King found that Messier is mole.

They go to get him at abandon hotel, but they found him tied and his room is setup for explosion. They rescue him out, he tells him about Sasha. She wants him to help get container on port exchange for money. But he doesn’t know about what is inside.

They found place in image of camera they found in explosion, they go there and found one of weapon is missing.

Sebastian thinks they are target the nuclear plant, they found that they might at the island near the plant. Chris and King go on shore to search for weapon, Brody canvas around the shore.

King is hit by one of them, but he knocks the shooter. He disconnect the weapon, Solomon shows up and try to kill him but Chris shows up and kill him.

Sonja wants to join with King’s team.