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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 9

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Amara is become a woman, she kill group of men during they are shouting for god. Sam has vision about seeing Lucifer.

He try to convinces Dean that god send signal to him to get to Lucifer’s cage to beat darkness.

Crowley tells them there is a way to get Sam meet Lucifer without let him away, he tells them about book of the dammed.

Crowley get Rowena to asks about Darkness with Sam and Dean, they want her to help them find the way to open cage without harm Sam.

Amara killed them all in church and dare god to shows up. Rowena tells Sam that she decode it and found how.

Dean meets Amara out he didn’t pick up Sam’s call. They head to the hell to his cage, Rowena cast her spell and begin. Lucifer shows up in his cage, Sam asks him about the darkness.

Dean asks her about what she did, she tells him that she need to get his attention. She tells him that they may don’t need the god rule.┬áLucifer tells Sam to help them he needs the vessel, it’s him.

While Amara talks with Dean, angels army shows up and attack her. She killed them all before she sent Dean out. While she is hit with big lightning.

Rowena’s spell worn out. Lucifer takes Sam inside his cage, he tells him that he is the one who mess up with his vision.