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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 22

How Much Pain Can You Take?

Chris tells King about Savannah’s body, she is shot. After check they found it’s Paul, while he wonder Paul move her body to near window. Gunman shooting at them.

King is safe, Brody injured a bit. Chris found his gun at the nest but he is gone. At night Paul call King back, he tells him to back off from him. He ask How Much Pain Can You Take?

They plan to shut city down, he can’t get out. Council man shows up to offer his help but King doesn’t want.

Paul shows up to Sonja, after she send the message to King. He tells her they are going to hijack the truck.

King found from NOPD that Paul hits the truck, King is worried about Sonja because she didn’t checkin for while. Then he found her phone at the scene.

They found that truck driver is one of Sasha’s man, they think they break up Paul is going to rob her. After that Sasha announce and make bounty on Paul.

Sonja is really hurt, Paul found that she can’t help him anymore. He left her on her own, she try to track his phone.

After that King found Sonja’s phone, they found it’s at their front door. But they found Paul instead, he said he’s here to surrender.

King asks him about Sonja, he tells them she is alive. Paul agreed to give up on Sasha, but he wants a deal. King try to off his deal, he gets the time until tomorrow to get Sasha without Paul.

Chris and Brody found Sonja, she tells them about other one who he is going to see, Marie. King found that it’s a name of boat.

Chris and Brody go to check this boat, they found the missing ammo, cash. Sebastian found that the cash is counterfeit, they think Sasha smuggled in with Navy container.

King goes to see Sasha, he convinces her to turn herself in. He tells her about Paul, he convinces her to but she doesn’t want.

While Marshal transport Paul to prison, they are gun down. Paul get chances to escape, Chris chasing after him. He catch up with him, he wants to kill him. King convinces him to let him live. But he is shoot down before he can tell them about Sasha’s plan.