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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 8

Just My Imagination

Maddie’s parent is watching her daughter to have tea with her imagination friend. Her friend tells her to go with parent, he will clean up later. After that night he is killed by someone.

Sam found his imagination friend, Sully. He shows himself to Dean too. He tells them they are Zanna, he comes to see them because one of his friend is killed.

They go to check Maddie’s house, her mother tells them about sparkle. Maddie’s friend. She tells them about blood in room, they see it.

Zoe’s imagination friend, Nicky also stabbed to dead in her pool. They found her dead, Sully tells them about Weems her’s boyfriend.

Weems is with Fletcher at night to help him pee, he is stabbed. When Sully and them shows up, he still alive. He tells them about killer.

Dean is captured by killer, while she send Sam the message to lure Sully in. They found that killer is Reese, she blames him that he gets her killed. She tells them she get spell and dagger from witch to see and kill him. Sully changed her mind and make her stop.