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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 21

You’ll Do

At night Cade tells Chris that he is in trouble, Chris found the body in his trunk. He tells King about it, he has no choice but call NOPD.

They question him about her, he tells them about what she told him about another guy that make her feel unsafe. But NOPD believes that Cade did.

They have evidence that tie Cade, King and them try to find evidence to help. They go to question her mother, she tells them about her daughter-ex.

Chris and Brody found the hidden camera in victim’s room. they found who installed is Reidi. He gives them the video about Cade and victim argue.

But after check his video they found that he change the footage, they get warrant to get the rest. He found them and start to run. He try to destroy computer but King get it.

He confesses that he stalks her but he is at opposite of Victim’s apartment all night. King and Brody try to find more suspect.

Brody found out about victim, she found that killer is the serial killer. While Sebastian and Loretta found that Cade can’t have strength to kill her. They found that bartender might be killer and Brody is there.

Brody is hostage by him and his girlfriend, she get chances and hostage his girlfriend. She kill him and his girlfriend before King and other shows up.

Cade is release from prison, he decided to go back to see his mother. At night Paul shows up at Chris’s place, he found his girlfriend instead.