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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 7


At night she found that a man in rabbit costume is killing her husband. Dean found Sam make a prey, then Donna call them about killer bunny.

They rush to there, she tells her that she can’t remove his bunny head after arrest him. They go to see him, they found he related to Kylie.

They go to ask her about him, she tells them he is Mike. During time Donna takes him to hospital, he starts fight she has no choice but shot him. He’s dead and his costume fell out.

They burn that bunny head down, at night the man in jester suit shows up and attack a gym coach, one of his student stop him.

They go to check him and think he might be possess by ghost, he shots her with salt gun. Her mask fell off and found she is Mike’s girlfriend, she tells them about Rita.

She tells them that all costume is belong her dead brother, they are going to check what problem of them has with him.

A man in clown’s suit goes to kill Coach, on the way down he found Sam. He knocks down with his iron.

Dean found that Chester cross lined with their children, they even go to ask Rita about it. Dean thinks that she lied, he goes to see her.

She tells them about Stan and coach came to see her about Chester, then she started to wonder what he did. She asks Stan and Coach to scare him, but they accident kill him.

Max her son shows up with deer’s mask, attack her. Dean gets him out of it, Chester come back and attack them. Sam burns his last costume and he disappear.