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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 20


Navy father just arrive home with his baby, he left his baby in car and go to put his grocery. But when he gets out someone drive off his car along with his baby.

NCIS goes to check him, Josh. His husband Mart shows up, he is very upset. Abigail tells King about his car, they found it under lake. But they found baby is gone.

King thinks he is the kidnapped not car thief anymore, Abigail volunteer to help him. They found that they fought with baby real’s mother, Cassie. They go to check her.

They found her ans husband, once he see them he run off. They question them, she just get her pregnant and they have no idea about kidnapped.

They found from witness around their house about Chen Han, she is spy. They check with Josh seem she is his supplier. They think she take their baby to get intel from him.

Marlon tells them about her, he said he had affair with her before Josh. They tell him to set her up with him. While Brody and Chris go to check her house but they found nothing, Marlon upset and attack her but they stop him.

They found the encrypt data on her computer, she tells him she doesn’t know about abduction but she plant hidden camera at his house.

From her camera they found a truck that may kidnapped baby, they found that one of truck driver missing today. He might be the one who drive truck there. They go to see him but found him dead.

Sebastian found that the killer is meat’s kosher, they go to check and found Phil is the delivery. They found he makes a lot of abduction before Josh and Marlon get baby, they arrest him but he tells them she is long gone. They found his wife takes the baby and run.

Finally Phil confess and tell them where is baby, they found his wife and baby.