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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 6

Our Little World

At night Amara goes out and take another woman soul, when she sneaks back. Crowley grounded her for that,

Dean and Sam still chasing after Amara, Sam is worried about Castiel. Sam found out Len is dead, they go to check him. They found that he is killed by Demon, they use the girl police just arrest to trap a demon.

He tells them about Amara and Crowley, they found the asylum place that Mara might be.

Crowley try to win Amara’s heart, he asks her to slow down. Castiel found Metatron, he help that man life, when police shows up they escape. He asks him about the darkness.

Sam and Dean go to check that Asylum, they are going to take Amara out. Dean found her, but Crowley shows up and protect her. But while he is going to kill Dean, Amara knocks down Crowley instead. She tells him to release Dean, in exchange she will not kill him. She knock them down and left.

Metatron tells Castiel about darkness, he said the darkness is god’s sister. After Sam and Dean knows that they are looking to find how they can stop her.