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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 19

The Insider

A marine just arrive at custom, his friend is near by but then he collapse to dead. NCIS found he is Felix.

Loetta takes his body to autopsy, Felix’s friend shows up and hostage them for his body. Brody found from airport about his friend, Phillip.

After King check with his boss, he tells him that he is absent without say. They found that Phillip also fake.

King calls Loetta to see what happen, she signals King about hostage. King and them go to the morgue, while Phillip try to get out morgue.

Guard notices his suspicious, he shots the guard. He back to the lab, Danny try to attack him but he is also shot.

Loetta try to help Danny, she convinces him to let her help him. She will do anything he wants, she safe him.

NCIS found Phillip call someone after airport, they go to see him and found him shooting back at them. They arrest him, they found body in his basement. He tells them that Philip actually is Martel.

Martel tells them he need something in his body, NCIS found that he has brother and he is dead. They found he wants to know what happen to his brother, he smuggled information out to public and hidden in Felix.

FBI shows up and want to take over the case, they tell them that Felix download security document and get out with it. It’s become national security, King decides to get in to see Martel.

King and Loetta convince Marcus to let Danny out, he will tell what he knows about his brother. He convinces him to surrender before FBI shows up.