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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 12


Lord change the girl face to be like Kara, last night that girl goes out as supergirl and attack public. They ask Hank about it they think Lord can’t.

Lord try to train his girl to attack supergirl, at night while Kara goes out to safe people. Lord’s girl shows up and try to kill her. But Kara has to┬ástop fight to rescue people.

Cat┬ánames Lord’s girl Bizarro, Kara and them found that Lord takes 7 women and change them to supergirls. Alex gets confession from Lord.

DEO decides to take out Bizarro, at night while Kara is date with Adam. Bizarro shows up and attack her. DEO shows up and fire her cryptonites, instead make her weak it’s make her stronger and left.

Lord tells Bizarro to takes out the one supergirl love, Alex goes to arrest Lord. Bizarro shows up and kidnapped Jimmy, she tells him that she kidnapped her because supergirls loves him.

He managed to send signal to Kara, she goes there and help him. Alex shows up and knock her down.

They takes her to DEO and sedates her and don’t make her feels pain.