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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 18

The List

NCIS goes to check dead body of sailor in club, Peter. They found that killer has some help from inside to get him.

They found about some susbtance on victim, they found it may come from Peggy. After check her, seem he just there and claim that he is doctor. After she left he still alive.

They found later that he is killed like the 2 other, they think they found serial killer. They are killed by same gun.

They found the foot print from crime scene, is found near the old factory. They go to check there and found a woman who share food for homeless. Then they spots all victim name on the wall, they found that one of them still alive.

They go to check him, Kelvin. They found he has same history as other dead man. They go to warn him about it. But he doesn’t want their help, King found that Kelvin may related to that woman they found. He may is her son’s killer.

He goes to question her but she refused, he thinks she put the name there on wall and someone take care it. She tells him she just put there and didn’t expect someone will act.

They go to check her son’s crime scene, they want to know is Kelvin killer. But they found that he is gay, so he didn’t fight with her son for girl. She tells them about Boogie, they go to arrest him. They found his gun.