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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 11

Strange Visitor from Another Planet

supergirl goes to help family from fire in wood, at coffee shop Kara accidentally met Adam.

Senator Miranda shows up in town, she is anti-alien. Cat wants them to following her and get some interview.

Cat found Adam in her office, she knows it’s Kara. She is very upset to her, she convinces her that they need to be together.

While Senator Miranda has a talking about alien, a monster shows up and attack her guards. Alex and DEO are there, they try to stop it. Jimmy send signal to call Kara, Hank see him and seem knows him. supergirl shows up and protect Senator but he is gone.

They takes Senator Miranda to DEO for protection, Hank tells them about monster it’s a white martian. They are the one who kill his entire race, they will find him.

Cat’s dinner with Adam is not well, Kara and Jimmy found out that the Senator she rescue is not real it’s a white Mar disguise.

They alert her, she try to get out while they try to stop her. Then supergirl shows up, it’s escape. Kara try to chase him, but Cat call her about Adam.

Kara tells her she will fix it, she goes to convinces Adam to try again with Cat. She goes with them in their dinner, they finally talks well together.

At night Hank is chasing after white mars, Alex heard Senator voice she goes and find her but Hank tells her that she is not. It attacks and captured Alex, Hank communicates with it and meet to exchange Alex in desert.

He and supergirl show up and fight with him, they knock it down. Hank try to kill it, Kara convinces him not to kill.