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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 17

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A couple are shot dead in their house, at NCIS Chris and Brody found King is missing. They found his obsession in his room.

King is at the couple’s house, he tells the detective they are doctor of Paul, Freddy. One that he chasing.

Once back King tells Chris and Brody that all associated to Paul are killed, they found about clinic but there is nothing related to Paul.

King found out about Freddy and Frank, he send warning message to him. King goes to see Sasha about Frank and Paul. Like Paul wants to start Syndicate back.

After that Frank is killed in prison, Brody goes to check the one they arrest for kill him. She thinks he lies to them.

They found the connection between Freddy and Paul, they think Paul use it to release the drug. When they go there they found it’s empty, but they found ATF’s agent there. She tells them about Paul’s lawyer.

From her investigation, they found one of the guard in prison might be one who kill Frank. They go to see him but he is not there, but King found that he is after Sasha. He try to warn her. But he already attack her, she killed him.

King shows up, after that Brody send back message to tell them it’s done. They get message back with address. They go there and found men and truck, King following the truck. But he found that ATF’s agent instead, she convinces him to let her continue.

He let her goes. that night King figure out that Sasha is Paul’s associated who behind all of this.