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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 10

Childish Things

At night at Van Kull prison, guards are killed by Toyman. Today Hank teaches Kara how to fly. After that they plan to sneak in Lord’s lab.

FBI shows up and question Winn about her father, Toyman. But he doesn’t know anything, he tells Kara about his father. He tells her that his father contact him, he tells FBI about it.

They go with Winn to see his father, he tells him that he broke out for him. FBI shows up try to arrest him, but he is not there. He set up trap to gas them, supergirl shows up and help them.

Alex lures Lord out for diner, so Hank and his team can get in. At diner Alex try to asks Lord about his obsession to supergirl.

Hank disguise as Lord and enter his secret room, he found a lot of alien’s tech and that girl. He try to get her out, but guard shows up he has to retrieve.

Winn tells Kara about old factory that Toy man might be, she try to talks to him but she is trapped in his box. She found he kidnapped a child but she found it’s a toy.

Alex found what Hank found, he feels sorry that  he has to remove one of guard’s all memory. He is sad about it, Lord found that someone disguise as him is in his lab.

Toyman kidnapped Winn, he tells him that he is going to kill his old boss. But he wants him to kill his boss, if he doesn’t he will detonate the bomb in the fair.

Winn gets on the podium and try to kill him, but FBI shows up and fire at him. supergirl shows up and safe him, he tells her about bomb. She make the wall and safe all people and arrest Toy man.