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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 9

Blood Bonds

Hank save supergirl from Non, he is kidnapped instead. Alex ask Lord what Non wants in his company. But he forbid them.

Kara goes to talk with Astra about reason that why Non taken Hank, she tells her that she ordered Non to spare her because of blood bonds.

Non calls back to them and wants to exchange Astra and Hank, otherwise he will kill Hank.

Colonel Lane shows up at DEO to control the base, he has ordered to return Hank safety.

Cat tried to prove that Kara is supergirl, she still convinced. Colonel Lane goes to make Astra talks about her base, he injects cryptonite into her.

Jimmy tells Winn that he wants him to help to find the way in Lord’s company. At night Jimmy breaks in and knocks out by Lord.

Alex tells Kara that she found where is Hank, she rush to there. But they found it’s a trap, they get the bomb explode.

Kara goes to see Astra, she asks her what she wants to tells her. She tells her about what her mother actually did to her, she found the truth that her mother is good.

Kara takes Astra out to exchange with Non, the success exchange but then Kara found that it’s a trap Non setup. Astra stop his attack, they back to DEO safety.

Hank tells Kara about her identity, at night Kara asks Hank to help her with Cat. He fakes as supergirl, as same time as Kara. Cat believes her now, she is now not get fired.

At Lord’s company, Lord goes to see a mystery woman with black eye.