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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 13

The Walking Dead

2 of marines compete each other by run to the square, after arrive one them Lin collapse. His friend send him to hospital.

Lin shows up to see King, he tells him about his radiation level. He think he is poisoned, he wants him to find the killer. He gives them his list of access and people he contacted.

Brody and Chris go to Lin’s office to check the radiation, they found the suspect Cole. They go to his place, once he found them. He set off the bomb and try to escape, but they cornered him. They found that his bomb contain radiation.

But they found that it’s different than what Lin get. Loetta found that Lin is poisoned from 15 days ago, he tells him that he has dinner at restaurant and his house.

They found killer inject it in his toothpaste, they found some company can do the chemical. King found out about Law sue between him and his brother Cam, he tells him about company that Cam work on that has radiation too.

They go to question him but he denied, they found that the company who want to develop his land may try to kill him to get it.

Brody and Abigail found that Cam is lied, he has accessed the radiation. They go to see him, they found his water bottle contain the radiation. They found that water is come from employee of that company.

NCIS found that Cam’s wife is the owner of the radiation, she confess to them that company wants her to poison them so she can sell the land.