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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6

Red Faced

After supergirl rescue children from car hit, she accidentally hurt one of the driver. Hank warns her that there are people who afraid superman lost his temper. She must control her anger.

Alex shows up and asks Winn to hack in DEO, he afraid to do it but they convince him to do.

Colonel Lane and Lucy shows up and want supergirl to work with them, he wants her to fight with their robot, red tornado.

Next day the fight start, he knocks her out with his tornado. She gets anger and knock it down, her fight trigger it to leave there and turn invisible.

They blame that it’s her fault, now they want them to find it and destroy. Kara snapped in front of Cat, she stunning and take her out. She takes her to drink, she teach her the lesson about how to control anger.

Alex asks help from Lord to help her find the Red Tornado, but he refused. At night Red Tornado go to see Colonel Lane, he try to attack him. supergirl shows up and stop him, he created tornado to hurt the city. But she stop it, he escapes.

Colonel Lane stills blame her for let it go, Hank found that army created it to kill kryptonian. Lord tells Alex that Red tornado is controlled by someone.

Alex plans to lure Red Tornorda out while supergirl keeps him busy, she will find where is Alex and shut down it.

Red Tornoda shows up and found Colonel Lane is hologram, supergirl shows up and fight him. Alex found Morrow, he is controlling it. He tells her to stop it she has to kill him. She kill him but Red tornado still not stop.

supergirl uses her anger and destroy it. Lucy resign from army, Winn and Kara tell Alex about her father and Hank. They out for mission together before only Hank come back alone.