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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 12

The Abyss

While coast guard is captured the illegal boat, they notice the unidentified ship so they go to check. They found body on that ship.

Next day King and team go to see Abigail, she shows them 2 dead grad students on research ship. They thinks it’s a pirate or robbery, they found it must has survivor. He may jump of the ship during attack.

They found the survivor is Anna, who is missing. Abigail tells them her father is coming for update.

One of Abigail’s informant tells them about Cive, he use woman he has to get boat and sell to him. King and them go to see him, he starts to run. He captured by Chris, he tells them they found them dead. He doesn’t know about Anna.

They found later that Clive can’t kill them, Patton found video from their computer. They found Anna is the one who attacked.

They found from their professor that Anna and them might be fight over the love, they found where was them. They found under there they see a treasure, they think Anna might kill them for treasure.

They go to check the seller who sell the old treasure, after they found treasure on his boat. he starts to run, they capture him. He tells them that Anna is his competition, she also sells treasure.

They lure her out, but they found she is not Anna. She is Anna’s professor, she confess that it’s accident. She tells them where to find her body.