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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 5


While DEO agent transfer one of alien, he breaks out. Kara shows up and stop him, Alex called her and tells her about her mother. She worried that her mother will criticize her for not take care Kara. But she shows up and everything is fine.

Cat criticize Leslie after heard her broadcast criticize of supergirl, she moved her to chopper traffic reporter.

At night Leslie is on chopper during the storm, they are hit by lighting. Kara save both of them, but during safe Leslie they are hit by lighting.

Leslie is at hospital, her hair change to white. She wakes up and she has lighting in her eye. She found that she has power and become lighting.

At dinner Alex decides to tell her mother that she works for DEO, she is very upset. Cat call Kara to help her about her problem, she tells her device is not work.

After that they found that it’s Leslie, she become Livewire. She try to chasing Cat, she tells Kara to get security. Leslie try to kill Cat, supergirl shows up and rescue her.

DEO shows up at Cat’s building, Hank thinks that Kara is one change Leslie to energy. He will going to adapt trap to captured her.

Cat tells supergirl hows to captured Leslie, Cat broadcasts to lure Leslie out. She shows up and try to attack her, supergirl shows up and she try to kill her. Kara uses underground water to stop her.

Her mother tells them about her husband dead, she tells them that she knows DEO. In past, her husband goes to work for DEO in exchange not to take Kara in. She tells them about Hank who take him.

At DEO they are going to check what happen to their father.