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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 13

Angels & Daemons

At night men are make business with drug dealer, but he show himself as federal agent. While they arrest them, they found the body near by.

NCIS found that the body is Larry, he worked for navy’s classified project. Powell is his partner before he sued him for project.

Sam and Callen go to see Powell, but he is gone. Nell found that Powell was with Larry that night. They found that he is heading to Mexico.

Callen and Sam stop him, they question him about Larry. He tells them about program that they develop for NSA but they decided not to give it to NSA. They have fight about it, but when he left he is not dead.

They thinks one of the company Larry support might has it, Kensi tells them about one of guard she met. Nell found that Powell’s lawyer might is the one who behind this.

Sam and Callen undercover as investor, they go to see the company that Larry wants to support. They convince them to believe and work with them.

Kensi and Deeks found Powell’s lawyer, But he is shot by sniper. Kensi found that he is shot by someone at building. Sam found that security is on roof, he start to attack him once he see him. He found that he is Mossad, and he didn’t kill Powell’s lawyer.

After that they found that lead programmer is ISI people, they found a lot of ISI in the company. Eric found that they already launch the code to public, he thinks they will send data by hand.

NCiS gets in there to get data, they found a lot ISI on resist. They kill all of them and get data,  They also found that Powell is the one of the plan.