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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 4

How Does She Do It

During patrol Kara found the drone, she following it. She though that it’s come from DEO, but Hank tells her it’s not.

Kara found that Cat just gets the Siegel prize, but she can’t attend to it because she has no one to take care Carter. Kara volunteers to watch out Carter.

Lucy tells Jimmy that she is here to get back with him, Jimmy tells Kara that she dump him for her work.

Kara found the bomb explode at building , she goes there and stop it while same drone sneaks around take spy on her.

Alex found that drone and bomb are from Lord’s company, after that Kara goes to pickup Carter. Lord tells them that it’s his technology, and the destroy lab also belong to him.

Kara found that Carter has little crush with supergirl. While Lord also has some sting with Alex. Then Lord found the bomb in his lab and he failed to disarm it. Alex call her, she takes it up to sky but she get shock from explosion. She is rescued by DEO.

DEO found that the bomber is Ethan, he is fired from Lord’s company before. They go to see him, while they forbid Kara to stay.

Lucy tells Kara that they break up because Jimmy always response to superman everytime he called, she thinks that he likes supergirl.

Alex try to convinces Lord to stop the opening of his train, but he doesn’t believe. supergirl shows up at DEO and wants to help.

Carter sneaks up to see supergirl at Lord’s opening, Winn is going to following him. Jimmy found that Lucy is at the airport where Ethan might plant the bomb.

Ethan has his bomb on his chest, and he is on the train. supergirl catch on the train, she tells Lord that Ethan is on the train. She asks him to takes everyone at back of train.

DEO found the bomb in airport, Hank try to disarm it himself. supergirl shows up to Ethan, she try to convince him to stop. But he detonate the bomb, he tells her to safe the other. She success while he dead.

Kara found out that all of them are just Lord’s test.