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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 12

Core Values

While coach Hugh is training the new shooters, he collapse. He is taken to ICU, NCIS check his case because seem he is expose to radiation. They think this may be terrorist attack.

Deeks and Kensi go to check Hugh, they found his wife is pregnant. They question her about his recently activity.

Callen and Sam go to check shooting range, his colleague already search for radiation but nothing found.

Sam and Callen found about nuclear plant that Hugh might go to work, but they found not much.

They send Deeks undercover as guard in the plant, next day there is protester. He found from the head of security tell him about marine worked there. While Kensi goes as maid in plant’s office.

Sam and Callen get note from unknown to meet with them, they found from one doctor tells them about radiation level of plant is danger.

Granger goes to ask Hugh, he tells him about building he accidentally enter. Sam and Callen go to check with plant manager and head of security. They found that video about night Hugh came.

From security tape they found that doctor is the one who¬†set off the alarm and security and make Hugh expose to radiation. He tells them he doesn’t want to harm anyone, he just try to alert the world know about this plant.

While Kensi and Deeks thinks that case close, while they left they found the explosion happen.

Callen and team head back to check the plant, they found the bomb. From footage they found one of protester, they found that he talks to dr. He is tricked by him, he gives him fake id.

Sam and Callen get the bomb out and disabled it, But they think they are tricked. They enter plant again and found another big bomb.

Deeks and Kensi found the bomber, he is waiting for news for detonate. But after Deeks destroy his phone, he hostages woman and try to run. They kill him but he send another text. Sam and Callen safety remove bomb before explode, Granger shows up in EOD Suit to cover the bomb.