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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 11


While King and his team are at the party, there is explosion. After wake up, he found that his daughter’s boy friend is injured.

Chris and his team check the crime scene, Brody goes to see Patton. They found that the bomber target King.

Brody and Chris found the missing waitress from the party, he tells them that he is not go near the party. Someone stolen his ID, after checked his story it’s confirmed.

They found that it’s Broussad, King put them down decades ago. He tells them that their old generation is dead. He think child of them might continue.

King goes to see his ex-con, he asks him about his old boss children. He tells him about Dante, he said he wants to put syndicate back together.

Sasha one of Broussad’s child shows up to him. While the other scatter or in jail. She tells him she knows nothing, Brody and Chirs go to see another one of his child, Frank.

He tells them about his deal with Dante, they setup the buying to lure Dante out. But instead DEA shows up instead, Frank run away.

Sasha shows up tell him that Paul shows up and threaten her, King rush to see him but he is died from explosion.

King tell Chris about baitfish, he tells about operation to take away Broussad. Paul is his CI, after finish Paul rob some family and kill their child.

Chris and Brody found whereabouts of Dante, next day he and his team go to there and found them. Chris is chasing after Dante and captured him.

He tells them that he is not one who setup bomb, they found his alibi is checked. Now they have no idea.

King found how the bomb setup, at night Frank and Sasha have a meeting. They are leaving country. NCIS shows up and arrest Frank.

Then King found that Paul is alive, he think he is the one who bomb the party. At night he receives money from someone, he is hired to bomb.