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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 2

Stronger Together

Today Kara is going on test, she thinks she is ready but Alex and Hank doesn’t convinces. Winn tells her about fire, she is going to stop it. She try to stop fire but she didn’t strong enough, finally she make the mistake by damage the ecology.

Cat tells her people that she wants interview with her, Kara doesn’t think so. At night guard found security breach, he is attacked by meta human.

Hank and Alex get Kara to check his body, Hank think may be he after the chemical bomb. She see the evidence from the killer, she remember what her mother tells her about them. Hellgrammites.

DEO wants to be sure she can handle herself, Alex fight with her to test her ability. But she failed, she upset. She talks to Cat about how supergirl screw up, she totally agree with her. She stats to practice, Winn and Jimmy help her find small task to practice.

Alex found that Jimmy and Winn knows about her, she doesn’t agree with her. DEO found that Hellgrammites attacks factory because he is eating the chemical there. They make the bait to lure him out, at night it shows up.

They try to capture her but failed, he kidnapped Alex to see Astra, his boss. Hank tells her about Alex, she rush out to looking for her. She found her talking with Astra.

Kara found Astra, she tells her that she is locked in Fort Ross by her mother. They start to fight, Alex get rid Hellgrammites. Hank and his team shows up and chase out Astra. They back safety, Kara asks Alex to train her.

She shows her the room where she can communicate with her mom program to guide her. At night she goes to interview with Cat.