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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Kara’s parent send her to protect Kal-el, but the explosion from the Krypton send her to the Phantom zone. But finally she is arrives at earth, but she become┬áteenager. And the world already knows Kal-el as superman.

He takes her to adopt family, they already has daughter Alex. She lives with them since then, she decides that the world didn’t need another Hero. She try to blend in.

She works in Catco company, with Cat Grant. She is her assistant, she meets James their new designer. She likes him.

Alex shows up and tells her she need a lift, she tells her she needs the dress for date. During the date She found that Alex is in danger, she fly to help her.

Kara is excited after what she done, Alex tells her now she has no way to turning back. She is sad.

Next day her boss tells them to find out this girl, they need to interview her. Kara tells Winn about who she is, he doesn’t believe her.

Vartox is upset when he saw the news about the plan, his boss command him to make it down. They knows about Kara, he tells him that she must be get rid.

Winn helps Kara to set the dress and find information about crimes, she goes out and help them.

One night while she is out to stop fire, she is attacked with Kryptonite, she wakes up and found Hank and Alex. She is one of the DEO agent, they tell her about Fort Ross. All the convicts with it escapes on earth. She wants to help them but they refused.

She upset to Alex and get out, next day she found that Cat named her Supergirl. She against it and make her upset and going to fired her. But James rescue her from it.

Vartox call Kara to meet with him otherwise he will kill the human if she didn’t show up, she rush to there.

He beats her, DEO shows up and help her. Alex explains her that she doesn’t want her meout because they will try to hurt her. She feels sad, she think the world doesn’t need her.

At night Alex shows her the message from her parent, she convinces her to fight again. They back to DEO, Alex wants her to fight with them.

Now they found Vartox, she convinces them to let her stop him. She beats him down, but he killed himself.

Kara found that James knows about her, he tells her about Kal-el tell him.