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Sherlock Special The Abominable Bride

In 1886, Watson was medical soldier in the war. After war he back to London, he mets his friend Stamford. He proposed him the job in hospital, he met Sherlock at first time.

Now, they Holmes and Watson just back home. They found a woman in dark dress is waiting them in living room, Mrs. Hudson tells them she is client.

He found her is Mary, Watson’s wife. Then Holmes tell them about his old case. Then Lestrad shows up, he tells them about the danger. He tells them about The Abominable Bride, she is shooting the people on street. Then she kill herself.

He tells them the bride is Emilia, after she dead. Her husband see Emilia with gun, she shoot him to dead. The police there see the dead bride too.

Holmes is very excite about case, he and Watson go to the morgue. After they left, Mary get message from M. She leaves to see him.

They met Hooper at the morgue, she is upset when see Holmes. Lestrad asks her to corporate him. They shows him that Emilia walks out the morgue and kill, there is a drawing with blood on the wall and it doesn’t there before.

Holmes stills has no idea how it’s happen, after that 5 more husband are dead with same The Abominable Bride.

Watson also moves out to his home, but he found his wife is missing for long time. Holmes call Watson and tell him about someone might help them solve case.

He goes to see his brother, he tells him to help him. Next few day someone wife shows up to ask advice from Holmes, she tells him about her husband. After he gets the message with some seeds, he suddenly change. And that after her husband tells her that the bride comes to see him.

She following him out and found him with her, the bride in white. He tells her that she is Emilia, she told them he will die.

Holmes tells her to go back home with her husband, they will following her in next train to prevent him from dead.

Holmes goes to talk with her husband, he found he has connection with Emilia. At night they stake up outside their house, they see the bride. They following her, but they heard scream of her husband they go inside and go to see him.

Holmes goes to see him while Watson stand by at the exit, but he let her gone. Holmes found him stabbed. Holmes see the message of killer left that it’s not there before.

Holmes wakes up when plane landing. He tells them about old case he try to solve in his mind. His brother found that he use the drug, they all against him for that. But then he goes back to his mind.

He tells Watson about telegram she sent, he think she is in danger. They go to see her and found her in church, she shows them the group of cult. She thinks Emilia must has help from her friend.

He shows up to them and tell them about Emilia and her friend’s plan, he found their plan. Then he is found that he is dreaming again.

He goes to dig up Emilia’s tomb, but then he found that he still not awake again. He wakes up again and see Moriarty with him, he fight with him and Watson shows up. They kill him again and Holmes wake up.