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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 9


A man is hit by car at night, Pedro and Lucas. Pedro is alive but they are investigate them because they found note about terrorist, Badr.

Deeks and Kensi go to talk with Lucas’s wife. She tells them about his boss, she wants him cheating but he won’t so he get fired.

Callen and Sam found more phone from the crash, he think Pedro might be delivery it to Badr.

They get called from Zahra’s family, she is taken. They think Badr try to recruit her, while her family report her missing. They found that note is come from their daughter.

Eric and Nell found that Zahra is at turkey, Betty tells them to get turkey stop her. They think model agency that Zahra contact might support her for escape.

Sam and Kensi are undercover to model agency, while they found that few people there go to see a man who provided passport. He tells them about number of passport he provided.

Kenzi make herself expose, she captured one of them while the other freak out and run away.

Sam and Callen question one that Kensi captured, she said she will not cooperate. They following the other and found him with another missing girl, as soon he see them he run away.

Sam and Callen get the rest of them, Sam found Zahra in their car. They take them to their family.

After that, Deeks is arrested by agents for killing.