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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 15

Da Bomb

Tonight Walter goes to date with woman from speed date, Toby thinks he failed. Cabe tell them about NASA’s case.

Cabe tells them about Jackson, they are going to launch today. They need them to check and valid the success, they go to NASA to check their launch.

While at garage, Linda shows up with the threat to her life. Someone wants them to sabotage the launch otherwise Linda’s bomb will explode.

She tells them about what happen last night, they think someone from government use the sedative to knock down her.

Walter decides to sabotage the rocket, Happy try to sabotage the launch. They split up to do it.

Linda tells Walter that their dinner is worst, Walter tells her he doesn’t mind. He found the signature of bomber, they have to find who is him.

Scorpion found that they are sending the man with rocket, they have to go back to correct what they did. Walter tells them he wants to safe both of them, Walter thinks he will let the bomb gone but has less damage to Linda.

They found that Jeffrey is the bomber, but he already dead they found that Merrick is behind this. Sylvester warns Happy that he is going on her way, he shows up and threaten her to stop otherwise he will blows up her.

Cabe shows up and fight with Merric, while Happy keep fixing the rocket. She fixed it, he tells them he worked with Chinese for while now. He has to do something in return to not get killed.

Merric fight with Cabe and fell down the level and dead. They left there but the explosive set off. Walter safe her life.