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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 8

The Long Goodbye

While sending Jada to her witness protection, her car is attacked by bomber. Her agents success stop her from kidnapped, but she is missing.

At NCIS they tell Sam and team about Jada, they have to find her before Tahir found her. They found that Talia already on the Alex, who is the next cartel’s boss who may handle the operation to capture Jada.

Callen and Deeks go to check agent who managed the witness protection. They suspect him might be spy but they are wrong. They still keep following him and found he is meeting with some man who laundering money. Then they lost him.

Sam question the one they captured from Jada’s kidnapped scene. But he won’t tell him much.

Kensi and Talia go undercover to see Alex, both of them found each one. But they break his party.

Talia, Kensi,Deeks and Callen go to stop the drop from him. But they are too late, they already exchange. Callen found Jada and her agent.

He tells them that Tahir wants Jada back, seem she plan to go back to her brother. He tells them she is leaving country today.

Callen and team go to stop her from leaving, they found her agent. Alex and Tada, Alex killed her agent. Before died he tells them that he is not Alex. Sam found that one he is question is real Alex.

Sam try to convince Jada not to go, but she won’t listen. NCIS can’t force her to stay, Callen has no choice but let her goes.