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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 14

Sun of a Gun

Walter, Cabe and Toby go to speed dates, but Toby get sicks from ill he get it from bartender.

Cabe shows up with Homeland’s case, they found it’s about Sylvester. Ken is his father, they have to work with him. He tells them about sun gun, the satellite that can fire the solar on the earth. They have to find it in africa’s desert and destroy it.

Scorpion goes to the see the president, he tells them about ray they found that it’s from his machine. They go to check his building, Ken and Sylvester found it.

But they need to get evidence out of country, they found his aerostat. They put evidence in there and release it.

Walter found that the president he already has way to built the sun gun, now he wants Walter to built rocket to send to space.

They can’t leave now, so they have to stop him first. They found their underground lab base, they plan to destroy the lab. They is going to buried it, while Sylvester and Ken try to buried it. They accidentally lock them self in the lab and stuck in their buried.

Walter and Paige are going to get the President’s watch to unlock the door, so they can get out after Cabe get them the transport.

They get his, but President alert and goes after them. Cabe takes them out with his car and get out.