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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 13

White Out

3 marines are ambush during patrol, captain Cody call the base for help. Cooper shows up and contacts Scorpion about it, they want them to help them patch the communication.

They go to south pole, but they have problem with the storm coming. They need to find them before they died.

Walter tell them they have no choice but go out in storm to find them, but during the way they got separate. Happy is lost, they are trying to find her. Toby decides to go back to find her.

While wander around, Happy fall in the pit. Walter and Cabe finish the setup of Athena pole now they can send drone to help marines.

Now they are trying to find Toby and Happy, with Ralph’s idea they have way to find them. Walter find only one heart beat, they head to there and found both of them.

Cooper managed to get helicopter to get them out.