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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 6


At night there are meeting to buy the explosive, but the seller decides to raid the buyer. But seller run out, Mark is undercover of ATF there who detonate all seller.

NCIS shows Sam about Mark last night, they have to investigate Mark. They think he is dirty, but Sam is not agree. But with the rest of footage they found Mark walks out with money.

Deeks and Kensi go to check the crime scene, she found it’s detonated by phone. Sam goes to check his wife, she said she didn’t see him a while. She gives him his phone number.

Sam found him, but he try to escape. Callen chases after him and Sam arrest him. Sam questions him about his operation, he tells him that he still can active in his undercover.

He tells him that he wants to get to Santos, Sam decides to go undercover as buyer to see Santos. They go to see him, but he want them to get him money first. He wants to capture Sam while Mark get money.

Callen found his situation, he try to get in. But Sam managed to make his men turn again Santos, they still stand offer to sell him.

They now try to negotiate with them, but Granger accidentally kill their leader’s brother. They use Callen to fake to be him.

At meeting with seller, after they are confirm that they have a real bomb. ATF shows up and catch them, Sam is rescued by Mark while one of ATF is going to kill him.

Mark is safe and back with his family.