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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12

Dam Breakthrough

While they prepare for Christmas, Cabe shows up with team from Dam. They found that Dam is damaged from the flood, they need to fix it.

Walter and them to to built something to prevent the mud slide to the power machine, After done, they heard the mud slide nearby. Happy tells them it might damage the Dam.

They get in controller, and found the dam is going to collapse. Walter found way to freeze only the water near the crack to buying time, Cabe goes down the crack to close the crack. He success close it.

They now need to lower the water in Dam, they get access to the tunnel and put device to see what’s blockage the tunnel. They found it’s a pine tree that block it, they try to unblock it but they failed.

Walter find the way to release the water, he wants to use bomb to create tsunami to push back water to river.

Toby and Happy make the bomb, Walter and Paige gets the power to reverse the turbine. Their plan work, the water level is low.