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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 5

Blame It on Rio

2 passengers are just land to LA, one of them is Agent to bring the criminal to NCIS. But he found that he is not the that criminal.

Tony Dinozzo from NCIS shows up, he tells them about prisoner from Singapore and he is missing, Rio. They think they switch each other during fly.

They question the fake fugitive Hung, his lawyer also show up to ask them release him. But they tells her that she can be arrest with terrorist charge. They found that marshal is drugged while Eric found that Rio just rent the car.

They found Rio’s car, Kensi spots him. While she try arrest him, men shows up and try to shoot him. He escapes.

They found that Rio want to change his face and get new identity. They go to check the doctor that Rio go to see, they convince him to help. He tells them where is Rio.

They go to check his hotel and found Rio, Deeks spots the men try to attack Rio. Callen and Sam try to get him out. But they are attacked by them, Rio get chance and escape.

Tony and Deeks gets him while they are pin down. But Callen and Sam shows up and help them.