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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 11

The Old College Try

Cooper shows up at Scorpion, she tells them about ransom for Federal Reserved. She tells them about Terrance, Walter try to stop the hack but he can’t.

They think some one in college might do this, they plan to send them back to college to find them.

Walter, Sylvester and Happy can’t find anything, Toby is going in interview with his rival who stolen his fiance, he get close to him to find out and found he is.

But after take him and check him they found he is clean, Happy overheard that someone talk about Coooley’s dead. Happy takes them out while a guy,Ryder show up chasing them. Happy get them escape.

They tell them about Cooley and Ryder, they tell them they work together. They go to the secret computer to upload his code to anti that program.

Happy breaks in computer, while Sylvester stop the the computer. Walter put his anti-code in computer and stop it. They success but they found that Ryder kidnap Paige and wants the money in exchange with her.

Cabe gets her back and safety, they arrest Ryder.