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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 4

Command & Control

Patrol cars are chasing a truck, driver abandon his car and destroy his truck. They are Sam and Callen.

5 hours ago, they just arrest a man who fund the terrorist with undercover help from Kensi. After that Sam and Callen get threaten by someone from stash phone, he is going to kill people around him if they don’t do as he said. They found the bomb near the bus stop, they success rescue people.

Nell and Eric found out that Sam and Callen are gone offline at same time, they have their suspicious. They get Deeks and Kensi in, shows them what happen to them.

They found the one who drop phone for them, they want to check who hired him. But they found he is shot to dead, Sam and Callen get another command to meets him.

They found that man, he tells him to drive the truck to some place. Otherwise he will blows up the target. He wants them to steal diamond for him.

Nell found that man who command & control Callen and Sam is Chad, Deeks and Kensi go to tells Callen about Chad. Nell and Granger go to check auto shop where the truck from.

Sam and Callen go to see Chad, he tells them who is him. He phone to LAPD to make them arrest him, they success to escape from them.

They found that he is going to bomb the convention center, Callens and his team stop the truck before it reach center. Chad shows up and his men but Callen and team takes him down. He tells them before they killed him that one of his people give their name to him.