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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 10

Arrivals and Departures

Walter and Happy drives reckless, they rush to LAX, they go to pick up Walter’s parent. He is going to take them to see Megan.

Their team suddenly spot the locked down the hospital, one of nurse call Toby to check about sick doctor. They are in the middle of outbreak of fungus.

They try to warn them about the danger fungus but they don’t believe him, they are knock out by fungus. Walter go there to seal the ward that infected.

They try to close the air flow to prevent the spread of the fungus, but they failed and trapped.

Then Toby found that Sylvester has the immunity and anti fungus. They asks him to test it, he use his bacteria to kill fungus and it work. They send his bacteria out of hospital to created more big batch.

Cabe and Ralph make the cure, but CDC prohibit them to enter. So they get the plan to distribute them inside. Happy try her plan and get sick.

Finally her plan work all cure distribute to all hospital and safe everyone, Walter go to see Megan for one last time. She pass away.

Walter found Megan’s message she sent to him.