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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 3

Driving Miss Diaz

A student woman while walk to home alone in campus, a guard shows up to escort her. But old guard shows up and freaks him out, he shot him dead. But he also shots that man dead before died.

Eric shows him the video about the shooting last night, the guard is one of general Silva’s men. Granger tells them Silva try to run the President now he wants to have all survivor from his massacre dead.

Kensi and Deeks go to get the survivor, Catalina. But they freaks her out and she leave, they think she is the last survivor.

Callen and Sam are going out to find out about who leak Catalina’s information. While Kensi and Deeks undercover to protect her.

They found the former assistant of Tribunal is killed, and they get replaced. Turn out that his men is clean but his office is not secured. They found Silva’s man Victor is a killer. Hetty wants them to take him in.

Hetty goes to talks to her, convinces her to help with Tribunal. Callen and Sam found some woman at Catalina’s place. She is there to burn down her place, but they arrest her.

Granger found that Catalina is not survivor, he tells them to release her. But she and his boyfriend Gabriel escape. But they found that Gabriel is her adopt brother, they found that Gabriel is Silva’s son.

Deeks found that Woman that Sam arrest is Gabriel’s mother, they question her about it. They think she try to protect them, they think she and Catalina are survivor. Sam and Callen convinces her to testify for Tribunal.

They found that Victor and his men shows up at her place, Callen try to lure them out and take them down.