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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 9

US vs UN vs UK

Sylvester and Walter argue about how he treated her, Walter thinks what he did is to make her live longer but Sylvester doesn’t want her pain.

Cabe and MI6 show up, they tell them about Jonas. He is in wanted list, he is going to has speech at UN. They wants them to hack in to his translation machine and get prove to arrest him.

They are going to hack to UN’s security, they are able to pass the securities there. Then one of MI6, Gleason tells them that that he is here not for translation but he’s here to kill Jonas.

US agents found that UK agents play them from beginning, they have no choice but do as they ask.

Gleason tells them about plan, he needs them to hack to security door so he can get in and kill him. Walter found that he can’t open his door, and Happy found that Jonas is finish his meeting. Now they try to stop them from leaving, they stop their lift.

Gleason is waiting for him and try to kill him, but he is killed instead. Cabe found that Jonas doesn’t want to alert anyone, they get rid his body.

Walter decides to find the way to get Jonas, he plans the small bomb enough to kill only Jonas.

They plan to access to him and Happy takes the bomb into him, while they retreat back to basement. But their plan is fell, he escape from all. They plan to get back to him, finally they corner him and his assistant from MI6.

They arrest them after Gleason disappear quite from scene. Walter found out that Sylvester and Megan marriages and ignore his order.