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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 2


Talia questions her partner, Mark for traitor. She found that he get data out of agency, while he try to confess. Guard shows up and kill him.

NCIS gets in the case about Talia, they found that Mark and that Guard met at Citadel researcher.

Deeks and Kensi go to question¬†Talia, but while there they are ambush by gun men. But they are safe. They go to see Mark’s wife after that, she tells them about threat to her that Mark wants to take care by himself.

Callen and Sam try to sneaks out the Citadel, they try the Citadel’s test but Callen pull out in the middle. The man tells Callen that he will gives him pass, he try to recruit Callen. He captured him. after he tell him that he will owe him and do what ever he said. He tells them that they have people everywhere.

They put him in boat shred, they want to know about Citadel. He tells them his boss will shut them down. He tells them about their way for “potential”. Then hire them for credential’s work for Citadel.

Deeks found leaks data, the information is safe. Callen and Sam decides to take down Citadel. Deeks decides to get in Citadel with Talia, he makes Kensi worried.

Next day, Deeks and Talia get out to lure Citadel to take them in. His boss shows up and know that this is trap, she has them pin down by her sniper. Ben is killed, Kensi found sniper and other takes other down. She lefts.

Ben is not dead he is rescue by his vest. Callen tells them that he ¬†can make new start, Hetty goes to see Ben’s boss and has Marshal arrest her.