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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 8

Area 51

Walter goes to see Megan, her condition is worse. Walter try to help her, he tells his team he is going to find the plan to save her.

CIA shows up, he tells them about their new job. He tells them about secret airline, he tells them it’s missing. Sylvester found that it might be at Area 51.

Walter and team go to the desert at neveda, Happy use her device to findĀ it. They found it landing there and no one there.

They found that the pilots might kidnapped someone with rare blood type, CIA wants them to find the pilot and victim at Area 51.

They try to hack it in the base there, they found that Ivan is one of person there with rare blood type. But then they are arrest by guard.

Walter found that the plane used to take picture of american’s city. They can sell it to us enemy, the pilots come back and take the plane off.

Paige and them explains to guard about Cabe and their work, but they found plane is gone. They put them in cell, Walter and Cabe try to take control the plane.

Paige and other try to get out the cell to call out help, Cabe fight with other pilot while Walter try to get control of plane.

They success get control, but Walter has no idea how to land it. Happy convinces the guard to to let her help him land it.

After they land, CIA plans to kill them all to protect secret. Walter bluff them that they have drone that record all evidence now and will release to public. CIA buy it and let them go.

Walter upsets after he found that Sylvester doesn’t make Mega do as he ask him.