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NCIS Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 1

Active Measures

Callen get the information from his lead, he found his is following by Sam. He shows up and shoots the one that try to following Callen.

Sam ask Eric to keep tabs on Callen, Nell found that Callen meets with CIA Sabatino at night. They try to find way to track him.

Callen goes to see Kirken for help on Arkady, he wants him to get his paint from Arthum. Granger goes to see Sabatino about their meeting with Callen, he tells him that Callen wants to know if Arkady alive.

Granger wants his team to get Callen, otherwise he will asks Marshall to do it. LAPD found Callen, they are chasing him. Sam rush to there with team to find him. Hetty shows up and teased him, but he keep moving and meet Sam. But he lets him goes.

Sam put tracking in him, they found him in Artem’s house. Callen sneaks in his house to steal a paint. But he found that Kirken try to sell him to another criminal, Callen run out around with them chasing him.

NCIS team is waiting them outside and arrest all of them, at night Hetty gives Callen the information about Arkady.