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Scorpion Season 2 EpisodeĀ 7

Crazy Train

Tonight Toby has a fight with Hector, he is knocked down by him. Ray try to invite Walter to beach but he won’t, while Paige takes Ralph to the school activity.

But their train suddenly won’t stop, she called Walter about it. Walter hacks in DOT server, they found her train will derail.

Walter and them go to station near by her train try to slow down her train, at train Ralph and Paige try to make balance of train to pass the sharp curve.

They success to pass the curve, they now they have to switch train to manual. Ralph and Paige try to get to controller but she found it’s gone. Walter thinks someone try to make this crazy train.

Toby thinks that who is behind this wants the DOT to clear all tracks like it’s now, they think terrorist try to get access to LAX airport from subway tunnel.

They go to check at airport and found that the thief just takes the gold coin from the safe. They found a man running away from them, Happy knocks him down with electricity on the rail.

Walter try to get on the train, he wants to get in and block the control signal. He gets inside, Cabe and Toby found the one who control the train but they can’t stop it on time. Happy help them buy sometime, Walter get back the control.

Sylvester tells them to derail but Walter has another idea, he try to separate the both cars. But he tricks them and he gets car separate and it’s going to crash. But he found the way to get out safety.