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NCIS Season 13 Episode 12

Sister City, Part I

Navial Air station found unidentified plane head to big city, they try to get it down. But that plan has no response to navy. They found it’s Byle’s plane, they found both of pilot dead.

Gibbs and team will try to find way to bring it down before navy take it down, Abby try to connect to it but it’s closed system. She thinks she can hack satellite and make plane change course. But finally the plan is on ground.

King tells Gibbs about passenger list, he tells him that Abby’s brother is on the plane. She doesn’t believe.

NCIS goes to check the crash site, they are looking for survivor. They found 2 pilots body, Byle VP, Commander Lively and the body with burned damage.

Abby confirms that body is not her brother, Chris and his team check at Luca’s place. They found money and his gun hidden.

Abby found the message from Luca, she wants to go to meet him. NCIS found that killer wants to cancel the commander lively meeting with Madam secretary, so he killed whole plane.

They¬†can’t get information while Blye is on the same plane as lively, Gibbs goes to see Byle at company, they tell him that Byle VP has meeting with Lively.

After found that Byle’s VP is poisoned, Gibbs found out that it’s Luca that poison them. Abby and Tony are looking for Luca, she found him. Tony arrests him.

Luca doesn’t want to talk to Gibbs, Abby upsets and goes to ask him. He slips that he wants to protect a woman, Eva. She tells him that she is following by her ex, they think she tricks him to open chance to get to Byle.

They found that Eva is spy, she called Luca and wants to talk with Gibbs. She doesn’t want him to confront her boss, Abby found her. Gibbs and Tony go there and found¬†Pavlengo, he tells him about Manta Ray project, Byle develop it for US. He tells him he try to stop the war, he put his agent who replace Luca. Then he is collapse after touch the bottle, He get poisoned and dead.

While Ducky and Palmer send the body to new Orlean, they are hijacked.