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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 11

Swan Song

In past, Hook’s father try to teach him how to face the darkness. But later he found that his father betrayed and left them.

Rumple goes to face Hook, he tells him about plan for his revenge. Emma tells other that they have to stop Hook.

Dark one shows up and go after Emma’s family each one, they use their body to stay. Rumple tells them about underworld, at night they will drag all of them to underworld.

Snow and other are given up their hope, Emma won’t. She tells Regina how to get rid darkness, she wants her to put in her and kill her to destroy all darkness.

Emma and Regina go to get Excalibur from Rumple, he said good by to Belle without tell her anything. Regina send Zelena back to Oz.

Hook shows up and stop Emma from use Excalibur, he change to Henry and tricks her. He grabbed her sword.

Darkness shows up and take them to underworld, Hook and Emma also there. Regina try to convince him to change his mind.

Hook use Excalibur to get all darkness in him, he wants Emma to kill him. She kill all darkness, Hook is dying while Emma back to normal.

Emma goes to see Rumple, she tells him that she heard the whispering. He tells her that he has all darkness power. She wants him to takes her to underworld so she can get Hook out from underworld.

At night Rumple open the portal, Emma, him and her family go to underworld.