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NCIS Season 13 Episode 11

Spinning Wheel

NCIS goes to check marine body found stabbed, Palmer tells Gibbs that Ducky is missing. When Palmer called Ducky they found Ducky are captured in van near by.

Ducky tells Gibs about his brother, Nicholas. He is tricked to be there for information about him, but he is knocked out by that man. They found that marine is run to Duck when he heard his scream.

They found the man owner of van, while they get the sketch from Ducky. Tony and McGee go to check van’s owner Adam. He tells them about renter who look likes one from Ducky’s sketch. Then they found another guy with Duck’s sketch hanging in his house.

Bishop found Nicholas’s letter from the dead man, there is nothing important to case. Abby found that Ducky’s brother still alive because he could write to him.

They found that Viggo and dead man goes to pawn shop to looking for old stamp, Viggo is private detective. They think Vigggo found that stamps is old and worth a lot instead of work with Rufuas, he killed him and looking for Nicholas himself.

NCIS found that Viggo gets Nicholas and they are on road, they found they stop at the crime scene house. They rush to there with Ducky, but he found out that he is not Nicholas.

He tells Palmer that Nicholas and his mother died from car crash years ago, after that Ducky found that his brother is in US and found where is him.

Ducky goes to see him, nurse warns him that he might not remember anything about his life. But he remember him.