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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 10

Broken Heart

After Hook changed to darkone, he and Zelena takes out her memory. Regina and Snow found Emma is tied. David found that Hook takes all dreamcatchers.

Hook shows up to Rumple and challenge him to fight with him, he tells the other about it. Emma try to get cuff out, but even Henry he won’t. They left her there.

After Emma turns Hook to dark one, he is upset at her that she turn him. She tells him how to destroy the darkness. But Hook is confused by the darkness.

Hook shows up to Emma, he tells her how much he hate her. Emma goes to see Rumple to help him distract Hook while she will get dreamcatcher back.

Regina takes Zelena to see Robin and her daughter, they hope that she will changed. Emma goes to ask Henry for help to find dreamcatcher.

Rumple goes to see Hook for duel, in past Hook takes out Merlin’s heart and control him to cast curse for him. Emma try to stop him but she failed, Hook use Merlin’s heart to cast the curse. Emma takes his memory so he forget that he is dark one, she also takes memory from everyone else too.

Rumple is defeated by Hook, but he managed to get the Excalibur and make him escape. Emma and Henry found all dreamcatcher. Henry release Emma from¬†cuff.¬†Belle told Rumple that she can’t has broken heart anymore, she refused to marry him.

After Emma tells them about the truth, she returned their memory. She remember now what is Hook after. Darkness show Hook how to open portal and get the all darkness back in flesh. Nimue tells him they are going to get rid of light.