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NCIS Season 13 Episode 10

Blood Brothers

Alex’s mother tells him that his sister wants to talk to him, he has leukemia. Then navy shows up and tell his mother that her daughter is killed.

Vance tells Gibbs about Alex’s family, his sister and brother are killed in action. He has another young brother, Sean. They want him to help themĀ find him to help Alex.

Gibbs found from his mother that Sean start to disappear after his oldest died in action, Tony and McGee go to check his apartment.

They found his counterfeit money and fake passport, Fornell shows up about it. CIA also following this counterfeit money’s case, he tells them Sean is working for them.

Gibbs and Fornell go to see him but they found Sean’s handle is killed and Sean is missing. They found that both of them are shot.

Bishop goes to convinces the criminal to donate his bone marrow to Alex, but he tells her he wants to give exchange for reduce his sentence.

Tony and McGee found Sean, they send him to hospital. But they found Sean can’t help his brother.

They found that Sean’s owner apartment is one who spread counterfeit money, he confess about his boss, Turro. FBI found him at the point where he tells them, he is arrested.

Bishop success convinces the criminal to give him donate, Sean and Alex are fine now.