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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 9

The Bear King

After escape with Zelena, he tells her about DunBroch. AtĀ DunBroch, Merlida is going at coronation.

2 years ago at night a warrior go to see a witch, he asks her about magic that turn his daughter to bear. He makes a deal with her and she give him the magic helmet.

At coronation, that witch shows up and claim about her father deal with her. She threaten her to pay her a lot money or get her back the helmet. Otherwise she will curse all kingdom people to be bear.

Merida remember that his helmet is lost during his dead in battle, she wants to find out who is her father killer.

Merida goes to see Mulan for help, in past she used to teach her how to fight. Arthur and Zelena go to see that witch, they are looking for helm too. She tells them that Merida is looking for it.

They found them and ask them about helmet, they tell her about her father use helmet to control people. Zelena gets her bow to find the helmet.

Mulan goes to see witch to asks about King’s killer, but she found and release Ruby from wolf’s form. She tells her about how she end up atĀ DunBroch. After that she helps her to find his killer.

They found out that Arthur is his father’s killer, she found that her father didn’t use magic to lead his people. She fight with Arthur, while Mulan and Ruby knock down Zelena. Merida’s men shows up and help her. Arthur and Zelena escape.

Witch shows up and going to take her helmet, Merida tells her that she wants to destroy it instead have another one use it. She tells her this is a test and she pass.