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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 8


David shows up to Arthur and asks him about Nimue, once he heard that he run off. They chasing him, while Hook is going to killed by Arthur. Emma shows up to help him, he try to ask what she is going to do. She said she did for him.

Hook try to convinces the other the Emma stills her, but nobody believe him. Rumple tells him to find her. He try to suicide, she safe him. She tricks him and knock him down.

Zelena’s baby start coming, they found that Emma needs her child for spell with Excalibur. Finally Zelena give birth, Regina and other are protecting her and her child. Emma shows up and take Zelena.

Emma found that Merlin is controlled by Arthur and he has her family, he tells her to give him the sword. Emma shows up to meet with them, Arthur doesn’t want to release them until he get her dagger.

Zelena wants to fight with her, but she knocks her down. Arthur command Merlin to kill Emma and her family, Merlin resist and stop. Hook gets off and knock sword out from Arthur, he run out with Zelena.

Emma tells Zelena and Hook that she plans to put all her darkness to her and lock away her forever. He doesn’t agree what she is going to do.

Hook help Zelena out, while Emma stops Regina and her parent from stop her. Hook try to find ink to stop get change answer from her, after he stop her. Zelena shows up and stab him, but he is not dead. Zelena shows him the dreamcatcher about memory they lost.

Emma try to put the sword together, but Hook suddenly collapse. He was cut with Excalibur from Arthur, Emma decides to turn to Dark one to safe Hook. She turns him to the dark one.